Spain’s 2024 Taxpayer Calendar

03/01/2024- The Spanish tax year ends on 31st December and Spain’s Tax Agency has already announced the 2024 taxpayer calendar, outlining the schedule for submitting personal income tax, corporate income tax and wealth declarations (among others) for the fiscal year 2023.

Personal Income Tax Calendar

The personal income tax (PIT) -known as IRPF in Spain- campaign is set to kick off on April 3, 2024 (earlier than in previous years). Tax declarations that necessitate direct debit payment must be submitted by June 26. However, the overall final deadline for filing the tax return is July 1, after which any late submissions may attract penalties.

In general, a PIT return should be filed by a person resident in Spain whose gross employment income exceeds EUR 22,000 (for joint and separate returns) during the calendar year or EUR 15,000 for taxpayers who obtain employment income from more than one payer if the amounts obtained by the second and subsequent payers exceed EUR 1,500. Individuals resident in Spain are also required to file a tax return if they obtain other personal incomes in excess of certain amounts specified by law.

Corporate Income Tax Calendar

Annual CIT returns must be filed within 25 calendar days following the six months subsequent to the end of the tax year (if the tax year coincides with the calendar year, the return must be filed not later than July 25th 2024).

Without prejudice of the above, three advance payments of the annual tax payment must be made during the first 20 calendar days of April, October, and December.


The above are the main calendar dates to have in mind. However, you may check the complete Spain’s 2024 taxpayer calendar in the this link from the Tax Agency.


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